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How I started out into the world of art and science might seem to be not a typical path

Right after school I started studying Social and Economic Sciences at the University of Linz. During my studies I was very interested in social, individual, and class dynamics, where theories of interaction, behaviour, psychology, philosophical approaches, sociology, and anthropology played a central role. As I always was torn between disciplines, I really wanted to integrate art and culture in my PhD, and I managed to include Media Art and Art Theories at the University of Art and Design Linz. My thesis focused on impact and potential of arts-based initiatives in non-artistic environments, mainly corporate settings. Additionally, I formed a major interest in work processes and an evolving theory on work and organization based on ideas from aesthetics: Organizational Aesthetics. A few years into my Assistant Professorship, I got the chance…
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The work that follows is predicated upon an entirely subjective approach to visual

When I began exploring anatomical collections, I was interested in emulating them – making work that was as beautiful, as informative, and as disturbing. I came to realise that nothing I could make had as much affective power as the subjects and specimens already extant. This isn’t to say that this process was without interesting outcomes: I did get to put my own head in a jar, after all. My sketchbooks are my museums – collections of bodies and parts, whose taxonomies are dictated by chance, by glance, by aesthetics or idle curiosity. Working in situ carries with it a range of impressions: the presence of other visitors, their conversations, the smell of the room, the feel of the materials I use or the chair that I’m sitting upon –…
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Glass is a visceral membrane that can be inflated, stretched and compressed

Much like a human body, glass has incredible strength and durability as well as extreme fragility and vulnerability. Electricity courses through our bodies carrying signals that both sustain our existing architecture and produce new connections that further develop our sense of self. This work represents the way in which information from environmental stimuli processing within our bodies creates connections to retain and recall experience. A correlation exists between the speed at which light travels and the seemingly instantaneous speeds at which electricity transmits information through our neurons. We are constantly processing our world, searching and sifting through experiences to make seemingly infinite connections between other experiences that will inform how we navigate through life. The human skull, crafted as a glass vessel, depicts an integration of both skeletal and electrical…
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